About KeenBot

What is KeenBot? KeenBot is a Multi-Purpose discord bot that was created to make the Discord server more enjoyable and easier to manage as the bot contains many categories such as moderation, leveling , Economy, games and more we have a lot of commands and we will add more. What is the KeenBot Perfix ? The KeenBot Perfix is [ = ] and you can customize it by using setprefix What is the Security System ? The security system is a limit for important things in your server like: kick , ban, delete channels and delete or create roles, after someone try to for example kick some people the administrator role will automatically removed form him and also the bot will send a pravite message to you and alert you Why Keenbot? KeenBot is my first work in the field of coding, and I learned many things about the javascript, and I am still learning. I try as much as possible to come up with new ideas in the bot and free ideas as well. and I work daily to add new ideas, and this is KeenBot