All this Commands not UP TO DATE There is a lot of new commands and edits not add yet, because we are developing another site for the bot. So please try =help to see all new content

=welcomeSet the message sent when a new member joins=welcome #channel
=leaveSet the message sent when a member leaves=leave #channel
=joinroleJoin a selfrole=joinrole @role
=levelSet the message sent when a member level UP!=level #channel
=securityEnable or Disable the security system=security
=setpreifxset a new prefix for your server=setprefix newprefix
=balanceCheck your money balance, or someone elses=balance || =balance @user
=profileShow your profile card=profile || =profile @user
=dailyGet your daily rewards=daily
=giveDonate money to another user=give @user amount
=wheelTry your luck with the Wheel=wheel [bet]
=buyCoinsBuy some coins to bet it in the wheel, 1 Coin = $20=buyCoins [Amount]
=rankShows your level and total xp=rank || =rank @user
=shopShows you how to buy Profile Backgrounds =shop
=buybgBuy a new background for your profile=buybg [id]
=banBan an user with an optional reason.=ban @user reason[optional]
=kickkick an user with an optional reason.=kick @user reason[optional]
=muteMute a user form connect or type in chat=mute @user time[1s , 1h , 1d]
=clearWill quickly clear random amount of messages, or however many you specify.=clear amount
=warnWarn an user with or without a reason.=warn @user reason[optional]
=mywarnsShow how many warnings you have=mywarns || =mywarns @user
=deleteWarnsDelete all warnings for a member=deleteWarns @user
=createCreate rooms, categories and channels in the server=create [text | voice | category] [name]
=colorCreate a Color roles=color [Amount]
=deletecolorsDelete all Colors roles=deletecolors
=securityEnable or Disable the security system=security
=antibottoggle this to stop bots from joining your server=antibot
=limitactions limits in the server=limit
=invitegives you the invite url of the bot=invite
=votevote for keenbot, you vote every 12 hours!=vote
=serverinfoGet all information about a server=serverinfo
=userinfoGet all information about a user=userinfo || =userinfo @user
=avatarGet someones avatar=avatar || =avatar @user
=pingGet the amount milliseconds to send a message=ping
=supportGives you the invite link to the KeenBot support server=support
=reportreport us about commands that does not work or bugs=report [message]
=userwarnsShow how many warnings you have=userwarns
=calculateDo some math=calculate [Number] [x, +, -, /] [Number]
=topinviterGives you top inviters in the server=topinviter
=rollRoll a number=roll
=handplay Ock, Paper, Scissors with a friend=hand @user
=xoplay Tic Tac Toe with your friends=xo @player1 @player2
=memeGrab a random meme=meme
=dogGet a random dog=dog
=catGet a random cat=cat
=jokeTell you a joke=joke
=gifGet a random gif you want=gif tag
=fundisplay all fun commands=fun